Board members

Name: Mariana Hill (Chair of the Managing Board)
Languages:  А - Bulgarian; B - German, English C - Russian;
Specialist fields:   Law, Law Enforcement, Legalized translations, Medical, Politics, IT, Military Science, Security, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Economics, Education, Crafts, Commerce, NGOs, Art and Culture,
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation
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Dida Filipova - photoName: Dida Filipova - (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: A – Bulgarian, B – French, C - Russian
Specialist fields: EU matters, Law, Finances and Accounting, Economics, Trade, Energy, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Protection, Medicine, etc.
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous, consecutive, written
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Photo of Neycho TodorovName: Neycho Todorov (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: А – English, Bulgarian; В – Russian, C - German
Specialist fields: Science and technology, law, judicial interpretation; certified/legalized translation; defense and security, aviation,  finance, advertising, motion picture subtitles.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, written, consecutive;
E-mail address:;


Dimitar Kuzmin (photo)Name: Dimitar Kuzmin (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: А – Russian; B – Bulgarian; С – English
Specialist fields: всички области с уточнение при договаряне
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive and written;
E-mail address:


Chavdara Bosilkova's photoName: Chavdara Bosilkova (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: А - Bulgarian, В – English; C - Russian
Specialist fields: Finance, banking, business, justice/law enforcement, politics, social sciences, public works, etc.
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Peter Skipp's photoName: Peter Skipp (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: A - English, А - Bulgarian;
Specialist fields: Advertising; the Arts; Aviation; Banking; Construction; History; News; Politics; Prose;
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous Interpreting; Translation
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