All memebers of AIT

Pentka Taneva's photoName: Penka Taneva-Kafelova
Languages: A - Bulgarian, B - English, C - Russian
Specialist fields: architecture and construction;  engineering;   IT;  business and social sciences; environment and water;  regional development; culture and education; defense and security
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation; translation; dubbing & subtitling
                           Mobile.: +359 888465545
                           E-mail address:

Photo of Neycho TodorovName: Neycho Todorov (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: А – English, Bulgarian; В – Russian, C - German
Specialist fields: Science and technology, law, judicial interpretation; certified/legalized translation; defense and security, aviation,  finance, advertising, motion picture subtitles.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, written, consecutive;
E-mail address:;

Katya Belopitova's photoName: Katya Belopitova
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B - German;
Specialist fields: engineering, technology, electronics, psychology;
Translation/interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, written translation;
E-mail address:


Photo of Ivan ShotlekovName: Ivan Shotlekov
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B - English; C - Russian;
Specialist fields: science and technology; law and legalized translation, environment; military; business; social studies; food industry; perfumery and cosmetics
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous; consecutive; written
E-mail address:

Vasil Malkanov's photoName: Vassil Malkanov (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B - French, English;
Specialist fields: Broad range (information and communication technologies, translation of movies, translation of science-fiction and technical documentation, documents and business correspondence);
Translation/interpretation: written translation
E-mail address:

Name: Mariana Hill (Chair of the Managing Board)
Languages:  А - Bulgarian; B - German, English C - Russian;
Specialist fields:   Law, Law Enforcement, Legalized translations, Medical, Politics, IT, Military Science, Security, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Economics, Education, Crafts, Commerce, NGOs, Art and Culture,
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation
E-mail address:

Tania Reytan-Marincheshka's photoName: Tania Reytan-Marincheshka
Languages:  A – Bulgarian; B – English, Russian; C – German and French
Specialist fields: EU issues, International law, IR, migration & asylum,  education, politics, sociology, economics, environment
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written
E-mail address:

Vesselina Stoyanova's photo

Name: Vesselina Stoyanova
Languages: A – Bulgarian, B – French, C – English
Specialist fields: Social policy, education and culture, accounting and taxes, normalization, structural funds.
Translation/interpretation: written translation;
E-mail address:


Tanya Yakimova's photoName: Tanya Yakimova (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages:  А - Bulgarian; B - English C - Russian;
Specialist fields: banking; economics; law and legal translation (sworn translator); socio-political;  EU projects; intercultural communication; education; culture; media; marketing; telecommunications
Translation/interpretation: booth interpretation, consecutive; written translation
E-mail address:

Vassilka Stamatova's photoName: Vassilka Stamatova
Languages: English
Specialist fields: environment, justice, agriculture, tax policy, banking and finance, economic development, accounting, institutional development, pharmaceuticals, education, energy, psychology;
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous/consecutive interpretation and written translation
                          E-mail address:

Vladimir Berner's photoName: Vladimir Berner
Languages: А - Bulgarian; B - Russian;
Specialist fields: Coming soon!
Translation/interpretation: Coming soon!
E-mail address:


Rositsa Zlatareva's photoName: Rositza Zlatareva (Member of the Auditing Board)
Languages:  А - Bulgarian; B - English; C – Russian
Specialist fields: accounting, finance, banking, law, judiciary, taxation, agriculture and animal husbandry, environment, medicine, engineering sciences, security and defence.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive and written
E-mail address:


Petroushka Tomova's photoName: Petroushka Tomova
Languages: А – English, B - Bulgarian, C -Russian;
Specialist fields: Politics, Social matters, Finances, Medicine and Pharmaceutics, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Arts, Sport,  Literature - fiction and poetry.
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation; Written translation.
E-mail address:

Mariana Pamporova-Stoicheva's photoName: Mariana Pamporova-Stoicheva
Languages: A- Bulgarian, B – English, C - Russian;
Specialist fields: Social and health insurance, economics, finance, environment, strategic planning, the social sphere, Eurointegration.
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous, consecutive, translation;
E-mail address:


empty photo AIT member Name: Iliyan Ivanov Ignatov
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B - English, German; C - from Russian and from Czech to the (А,В) languages;
Specialist fields: Computers, engineering (elevation, transport and construction machines, railways); armament, optics, hunting, surveillance and control technology, survival; Law (judiciary, business, contracts, offers, tender documents, labour law, social insurance, human rights, international relations, European law); Human medicine, labour medicine, working conditions, medical technology/diagnostics, pharmacy.
Translation/interpretation: written translation;
E-mail address:

Dobrinka krasteva's photoName: Dobrinka Krasteva
Languages: А – Bulgarian, В - English;
Specialist fields: audit, accounting, taxes (transfer pricing), corporate document, social and health insurance, corporate finance, banking, insurance, investments, real estate, law; tender documentation and public procurement; marketing and advertising; management; trade; telecommunications and information technologies; market research (valuation); translation of business and financial documents and texts,      
                         Translation/interpretation: written
                         E-mail address:


Ivan Turturikov's photoName: Ivan Turturikov
Languages: А - Bulgarian; B - English, C - Russian;
Specialist fields: Law, finance, IT, aviation
Translation/interpretation: translation
E-mail address:


Gergana Alyakova's photoName:  Gergana Alyakova
Languages:  А – Bulgarian, B - English;
Specialist fields: Politics, Law (including Judicial Reform, Justice and Home Affairs), Social Policy (including gender, child, HIV, discrimination, etc. issues), Media, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Consumer Protection, Health Care (including Health Insurance Fund and General Practice Management issues), Psychology, Psychiatry (including substance-related disorders), Energy, Mining, IT (e-government development, manuals, localisation), Culture, Arts (including management and administration thereof), Theatre (including plays), Religion, Anthroposophy (Waldorf schools, art therapy, medicine), Astrology, Tarot, Live Television & Radio interpreting, etc;
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive interpretation and written translation;
E-mail address:

empty photo AIT member Name: Emilia Mednik (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: A – Bulgarian; B – English; C – Russian;
Specialist fields: public administration, social policy and employment, labour law and social security, child protection, education, regional development, civil society, agriculture, European integration;
Translation/interpretation: consecutive interpretation, written translation
E-mail address:

снимка на Илияна АтанасоваName: Iliana Atanassova
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B – English; С - German
Specialist fields: Banking, Economics, Business, Energy, Environment, Education, Socio-political terminology.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous and consecutive;
E-mail address:


Boris Naimushin's photoName: Boris Naimushin
Languages: А – Bulgarian, Russian, B – English, C – French;
Specialist fields: broad range (the exact sciences & medicine excluded);
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous; consecuitive; liason
E-mail address:;


Mariana Revenska's photoName: Mariana Revenska
Languages: А – Bulgarian; В – English, C - Russian;
Specialist fields: broad range (without the exact sciences & engineering);
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive;
E-mail address:


Ekaterina Lyutakova (photo)Name: Ekaterina Lyutakova
Languages: A – Bulgarian, B – English, French
Specialist fields: EU Documents, Google applications, Business, Commerce, Ecology, Law, Legalized translations,  Economics, Medicine, Marketing, Media/Advertising, IT, websites, Government/Politics
Translation/interpretation: Translation, Interpreting, Editing, Localization, Transcription, Voice-over, DTP, Subtitling
                          E-mail address:

Kalina Naidenova (photo)Name: Kalina Naidenova
Languages: English
Specialist fields: Audit, accounting, finance, financial instruments and
securities, legal, tax, public relations, legalized translation, culture,  politics, military,
official documents and correspondence.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written
E-mail address:

Iskra Peeva (photo)Name:  Iskra Peeva
Languages: А - Bulgarian; В - German
Specialist fields: construction, engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, IT, finance, accounting, economics, criminal law, European integration, and more.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written
E-mail address:


Name: Boyka Atanasova
Languages: A-Bulgarian, B-English, C-Russian.
Specialist fields: European integration, law (including criminal law), law-enforcement, financial intelligence, civil and commercial law, insolvency proceedings, migration and asylim, human rights protection, agriculture, environmental protection, water treatment and management, banking, energy.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written.
E-mail address:


Dimitar Kuzmin (photo)Name: Dimitar Kuzmin (Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board)
Languages: А – Russian; B – Bulgarian; С – English
Specialist fields: всички области с уточнение при договаряне
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive and written;
E-mail address: dim;


Diliana Ranenska's photoName: Diliana Ranenska
Languages: А - Bulgarian; B - English
Specialist fields: Law, law-enforcement and criminal investigation, justice and home affairs, economy and trade, politics and society, administration, NGOs
Translation/interpretation: written translation and consecutive interpretation  
E-mail address:


Lidiya Shvedova's photoName: Lidiya Shvedova
Languages:  А – Bulgarian; В – English, C - Russian;
Specialist fields: politics, economics, media, ecology, science, agriculture, education, culture, fiction, poetry
Translation/interpretation: written translation;
E-mail address:



Photo of Peter SkippName: Peter Skipp
Languages: A - Bulgarian, A - English, B - Russian
Specialist fields: Aviation, Technics, Politics, Fiction, Internet sites.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written, editing and styling, localislation, transcriotion, dubbling and subtitles

Elza Hadjiyska (photo)Name: Elza Hadjiyska
Languages: A- Bulgarian, Italian B - English
Specialist fields: All fields exept Religion and Fashion
Translation/Interpretation: Simultaneous, Consecituve Interpretation,
E-Mail address:;


Chavdara Chavdarova Pantic's photoName: Chavdara Chavdarova-Pantich (Member of the Managing Board)
Languages: А - Bulgarian, В – English; C - Russian
Specialist fields: Finance, banking, business, justice/law enforcement, politics, social sciences, public works, etc.
E-mail address:


Daniela Georgieva's photoName: Daniela G.Nedyalkova
Languages: А – Bulgarian, В - English;
Specialist fields: law; reform of the judiciary; energy; taxation; European integration; agriculture; cadastre; IT; social security; environment; finance; accounting.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous , consecutive
E-mail address:



empty photo AIT member Name: Nedyalka Gocheva Chakalova
Languages:  A – Bulgarian; B – English; C – Russian, French
Specialist fields: EU-related topics and EU legislation, law,
 law enforcement, politics, foreign affairs, environmental protection;
 medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, chemistry; ancient history,
 archaeology, Thracian studies, history, culturology; sociology,
 philosophy, psychology, psychiatry; macroeconomics; demography and
 social studies, etc.
   Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, written, consecutive
    E-mail address:


Vesselina Palikrusheva's photo Name: Veselina  Palikrusheva (Member of the Auditing Board)
Languages: А - Bulgarian, В – English
Specialist fields: Medicine, pharmacy, foods and culinary, law, religions, esoterics, anthropology, psychology, electronic games, tourism Translation/interpretation:  written, localization
E-mail address:


Снимка на Аглика МарковаName: Aglika Markova
Languages: А - Bulgarian, В – English;
Specialist fields: General; politics, economics, finance, fiction (written);
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written;
E-mail address:;


Anita Aleksieva (photo)Name: Anita Alexieva
Languages: A - Bulgarian, B - German, C - English
Specialist fields: Law, Judicial interpretation, Certified/legalized translation, Electronics, Psychology and Motivation, Sales, Mechanical Engineering ets.
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation; Translation
Mobile.: +359 889733534
E-mail address:

Antonia Terzieva's PhotoName: Antonia Terzieva
Languages: A: Bulgarian; B: English; C: French; D: Russian
Specialist fields: consumer protection policy, taxation policy, environment, international law, human rights, acquis communautaire (the above areas), EU institutions
Translation/interpretation: translation; simultaneous interpretation
E-mail address:

Ani Vitkova (photo)Name: Annie Vitkova
Languages: А - Bulgarian, В – English
Specialist fields: general social and political matters, child protection, NGOs, justice and home affairs, defence, EU policies, prison reform, environment, education, correspondence, etc.

Iinterpretation/Translation: consecutive, written.
E-mail address:

Atanas Tschelebiev's photoName: Atanas Tschelebiev (Chairman of the Auditing Board)
Languages: A - Bulgarian, B - German, C - English
Specialist fields: EU integration, politics and policies, economics and economy, business, justice, law and legalized translation, engineering and technology, etc.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, written
E-mail address:,


Atanaska Stankova's photoName: Atanaska Stankova
Languages: А - Bulgatian, В – English;
Specialist fields: banking and finacies; accounting, audit and taxes; economics; law, law and trade documentation; environment; social politics; transport and communications; building; policy and general matters;
Translation/interpretation: written, consecutive;
E-mail address:;

Photo of Harieta BraunName: Harieta Braun
Languages: A - Bulgarian; B – German; C – English
Specialist fields: Politics, EU, Law and Public Administration, Culture, Education, Training, Media and the Arts, Medicine and Public Health, Environmental Matters
Translation/interpretation: Simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Translation
Web site:
                           E-mail address:

Zlatka Chervenkova's photoName: Zlatka Chervenkova
Languages:  А – Bulgarian, B - English;
Specialist fields: Politics, administration, legal, medical, employment, social policy, business, media, education, literary criticism, psychology, psychiatry, energy, mining, ecology, agriculture, IT, culture, journalism, art, TV,  general, etc.
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, liason.


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