Gergana Alyakova

Gergana Alyakova's photoName:  Gergana Alyakova
Languages:  А – Bulgarian, B - English;
Specialist fields: Politics, Law (including Judicial Reform, Justice and Home Affairs), Social Policy (including gender, child, HIV, discrimination, etc. issues), Media, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Consumer Protection, Health Care (including Health Insurance Fund and General Practice Management issues), Psychology, Psychiatry (including substance-related disorders), Energy, Mining, IT (e-government development, manuals, localisation), Culture, Arts (including management and administration thereof), Theatre (including plays), Religion, Anthroposophy (Waldorf schools, art therapy, medicine), Astrology, Tarot, Live Television & Radio interpreting, etc;
Translation/interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive interpretation and written translation;
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